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I want this for my room

Don’t tell me miles didn’t have this sitting in the bar.

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Marilyn knew what was up

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Can someone please make me a GIF set of all Bass’ history references for me to love and cherish? I know he says the thing about teh Mayans and the Spanish in early season 1. And then there’s the pirate thing, the Civil War thing, the thing he says to Duncan that I can’t remember. He doesn’t make a lot, but he makes enough to make me swoon.

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I can’t believe I haven’t posted these yet #magnets #magneticpoetry #turndownforwhat

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Political Animals Meme | Ten Scenes [1/10]

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Sebastian “Bass” Monroe (David Lyons) and Miles Matheson (Billy Burke) - NBC Revolution

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[] It should be a truth universally acknowledged
That a heroine in a major cinematic franchise
must be in want of her own damn movie.

~ Me: “Come on, Marvel, don’t be such weenies.” ~

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Are any of you who are dragging me into Defiance watching The 100?  I saw part of the pilot, got to sexy teen with bare ass gets eaten by crocodile and turned it off.  Pretty sure I saw that movie back in the 90s when it starred some woman who dated Charlie Sheen. 

EW gave the season 2 premiere an A, and they tend to be snobbish, so I’m curious how it’s going. 

Yes I know a bunch of people love it and ship the hell out of Bellarke. To me building a show around two teenagers constantly on the edge of boning is every bit as disgusting as those guys who count down until some Disney star turns 18. The pilot was pretty clear that everyone was underage.  I’m not here for that. A well-built post-apocalyptic world, however, is very interesting.